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The Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG) is primarily an investment research group where independent member affiliates research and publish private and public investment opportunities. Member affiliates study and develop systems of investing in private and public markets, utilizing these systems in their individual trading and investment activities. The productivity of the investment system is enhanced by the fact that HIPG members utilize and share the same language, tools, strategies, and techniques in their investment, research, and publishing activities. The system emphasizes investments and research in intellectual property rich securities and emerging growth companies. Any investments by individual affiliates are made individually and no collective monetary investment is supported by the system. The system emphasizes self directed and controlled investment activity. Investment research, money management, collective study, publishing and sharing of the research, information, techniques and investment opportunities among the group, is the primary purpose and objective of the system.

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Most Work to Invest... Few Work at Investing
Embodied in this principle is quite a bit more than perceived at first glance. The balance of types of participants in the financial markets is essential to........ Click here to see the full story

Playing The Right Ballgame
An editorial broadcast with behind the scenes analysis of market making events and activities in the new global economy.
Hosted by
Publisher, Intellectual Property &
International Trade Attorney
Harlington L. Hanna Jr.

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Special Notice for Hannaian Affiliates
Due to the recent upheavals and volatility in the financial markets, numerous affiliates have contacted us about various contingencies. Many have misplaced their I.A.N. codes and have not been able to access some of the information we have in the password protected portion of the website. If you have questions that we may assist with please email us at, include your I.A.N. or I.E.P. code and we will do our best to answer your questions ASAP.

Please provide us with any specific stocks, companies or other investment opportunities you would like our opinion on and we will get our core research team to look into them if we have not done so already.

There are also good opportunities available in the non-publicy traded markets, if you know of such opportunities, you may provide us with the details and we will also research and comment on these types of opportunities.

Our general advice on the market at this time is to be extremely careful in your trading and investments due to the expected high volatility and numerous possibilities of market shakeout in the near future.

As many have suggested, there are some good deals out there but if you are not prepared to watch closely or put your money at stake for long term investing prospects then it may be better to sit on the sidelines for the time being.

For those who want to follow our thoughts on the protected portion of the website you need to keep track of the Hannaian Quicktrader.

If there is enough interest in developing another WebLine based daily trading session group let us know by email and we will consider establishing one.

Special Book Review

The Bahamas Speed Weeks
By Terry O'Neil
Veloce Publishing
ISBN 1-84584-018-6 / UPC 636847-04018-5

£55.00 UK / $99.95 USA

Review by
Harlington L. Hanna Jr.
Hannaian Investment Research & Publishing

The Bahamas Speed Weeks of the fifties and sixties were a special treat for many in the auto racing fraternity. In addition, for local residents of Nassau Bahamas the races provided a close up view of some of the greatest cars and drivers in the world. As a young high school student in the Bahamas it was a special time each year that I and my fellow students looked forward to because the sounds and atmosphere of the events drifted into our classrooms. Our high school The Government High School was built right at the end of the first major curve on the circuit and as students we took every opportunity to stand behind the fence at the curve and watch these famous cars and drivers maneuver what we now know was called British Colonial Loop.

Terry O'Niel's coverage of these races brings back not only memorable events, but many of the excellent pictures in the book document the historical time and atmosphere.

Anyone remotely interested or touched by these races and events will be well served to keep this book close at hand in their library, or historical collections. The pictures alone are worth a close review from a historical perspective. My friends and I for example can view the emergence of our then new high school building beginning in the 1961 races. The school appears in several of O'Neil's pictures at the end of the first curve, and even the fence that we stood behind to view the races is clearly visible. At any minute while reading the book I expected to see students from our school in their telltale blue and white uniforms.

For the true race enthusiast, which some of us have become, the detailed accounts listed in the book are invaluable. Many of us who were there and viewed the races did not have a full understanding of much of what was actually happening behind the scenes. Now with this book the true stories are being told and we can understand more clearly what we once only contemplated or watched from the outside. The whole phenomenon now has new and added meaning.

Having viewed many of the races, I can attest to the atmosphere that O'Neil carefully relays to his readers. Those were indeed special times and special events. As a current auto racing enthusiast who has kept up with the racing game I can say unequivocally that compared to current race weeks and events, the Bahamas Speed Weeks were indeed magical.

Whether you are a participant or an investor in the auto racing industry, or you have an investment in its history, and particularly in the historical Bahamas Speed Weeks, you will simultaneously be enthralled and appreciative of Terry O'Neil's coverage of these historic events.

If you have any connection to the Bahamas, or the Caribbean in general you need to read this book and view the numerous pictures which O'Neil expertly uses to tell the story. O'Neil even covers the importance and role of these events in the development of the modern Bahamas, making this book a necessity even for those who may not be directly interested in the races, but in how they played a role in the formation of a new nation.

Investing in The World's Greatest Spectator Sport.... Auto Racing

Click here to see more....

The Hannaian Awards Presentations
Martin County Investment Summit

Dr. H. L. Hanna Jr., Dr. Catherine Wyche-Latimore, and Steve Deveaux congratulate Garth C. Reeves on receiving the Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award.

Steve Deveaux & Dr. H. L. Hanna Jr., CEO of Hannaian USA, present the Distinguished Pioneer Hannaian Award to Richard D. Williams. Dan Liftman of Congressman Alcee Hastings office, and Judge Felicia Hogan look on.

Rep. Cooper. Pastor Ralph White of Bloomfield Ministries, Dr. Helen Hanna, Dr. Hanna, and Mr. Deveaux pose with Mr. Williams after the event.

Mr. Williams poses with more well wishers, Pastor White, Ambassador Butler, Rep. Cooper, Mr. Deveaux, Martin County Commissioner Elmira Gainey, Dr. Hanna, Former WPB City Commissioner Robbie Littles, Atty. Kim Richardson, Robert Bartlett, Dr. Yvette Godet, Eric Godet and Dr. Fran Pinder.

Garth C. Reeves Publisher Emeritus of the Miami Times and Richard D. Williams Tennis mastermind and father of Venus & Serena Williams recently received the Hannaian Award as Distinguished Pioneers in their respective fields. For many years Reeves led the prominent Miami based newspaper and many social and economic causes related to African Americans in the South Florida area. Richard Williams broke new and historic ground training and leading his superstar daughters not only to Tennis stardom but also to some of the most lucrative contracts in sports history. Williams was also honored for his devotion to family values as an exemplary parent and father to his children and family.

On receiving the award Williams thrilled the crowd by relating some of the secrets to his success with his superstar daughters, and some of the facts concerning the super multimillion dollar contracts they have received.

The Hannaian Awards are given to deserving individuals who have achieved exemplary excellence in their chosen endeavors and pioneered the way for others in adverse circumstances. The Awards are given by the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG), one of the most successful groups of professional investors in the U.S. The group's members are primarily of African American and Caribbean heritage. HIPG has recently become noted for developing a unique system for non-institutional investors and individuals of average means to successfully invest in the public securities markets. Reeves and Williams received the Awards at the Groups Winter Investment Retreat in Hutchinson Island Florida, January 13, 2001. The Martin County Board of County Commissioners, and the Martin County Business Development Board also co-sponsored the event.

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Changing Times & Rules of Investment

The rules of Investing have significantly changed with the advent of the Internet and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Those who invest using old rules in these fast changing markets, invest at great risk…You must keep up with the changing times & rules of investment…..Stay tuned to this site for updates on new rules on various aspects of investing which will appear in this section as they change in the investment marketplace…This program will focus on the meaning and interpretation of specific rules and their importance to the typical investor/trader, or to the particular events that may be occurring in the markets at the time… The featured rules may be NASD, SEC regulations, or other important laws and regulations, or rules derived from the markets, traders, investors or otherwise. Their importance will be explored as to the pragmatic relationship to your bottom line as an investor or trader….. so stay tuned and updated with Changing Times & Rules of Investment……

The 12 Most Important Rules For Successful Investing

1. Realize that you must invest…Investing is not an option it's a necessity…
2. Develop the skills necessary for successful investing, and watching and controlling your own money
3. Keep up with the changing rules of investing….The Market has changed significantly since 1998 and will continue to do so… don't rely on strategies developed before 1998
4. Run your Investments as a Business and watch your Investments closely
5. Don't be fooled or confused by traditional broker talk
6. Plan your strategy and judge your gains by percentages, not by price
7. Invest in public securities. They are generally safer and more productive than private investments
8. Keep up with the competition…Do what it takes to stay at the top of the smart money …Remember, investing is like everything else where competition always matters…. The new economy has greatly increased competition in investments.
9. Do your own Research …and do it well…Remember you have competition
10. Buy on Fundamentals….. Sell on Behavior
11. Invest with a structured investment system….Don't be a stock tip seeker looking for the quick fix
12. Invest with a support group, just like other professional groups, you must have a support team…Don't fool yourself, individually you cannot compete against sophisticated professional teams in the investment game...You must have a support team in this new economy investment market.

Click here for a lot more on these rules…..and other special rules for traders, investors and specific circumstances

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