Application & Agreement
for Hannaian Publishing Affiliation

1. The below named individual/entity (hereinafter "Applicant", "Affiliate", "Publisher") hereby applies for authorization to act as an independent contractor affiliate in the Intellectual Property acquisitions, publishing, distribution, marketing and investment research programs of the Hannaian Companies (hereinafter "Company") and hereby agrees to the following terms required for "Publisher" affiliation in the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG).

2. Publisher affiliation includes all benefits for participation as a full affiliate publisher in the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG). Full affiliates may use the term "Publisher" to identify their full affiliation status in the Group.

3. Applicant agrees to maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility in dealing with the Company, consumers and other affiliate publishers. To present Hannaian products and activities in a truthful and sincere manner and to indemnify the company and hold it harmless from damages resulting from misrepresentations or violations of policies as an independent Publisher.

4. Applicant understands that maintaining current authorization requires an annual renewal fee for registration per year. The responsibility for renewing is the publisher's. The renewal is due on the publisher's anniversary date. Authorization by Hannaian is dependent on agreement by the publisher with all terms of this agreement. The effective date of this agreement is the date the Company approves it.

5. Applicant understands that a publisher affiliate is an independent contractor and is not an employee, agent, or legal representative of Hannaian International Ltd., or Hannaian U.S.A. Inc., and as such agrees to be responsible for all of Applicant's expenses, license, income tax, sales tax, and any other reasonable duties as an independent contractor. Applicant shall identify his or her business as "Independent Publisher" at all times.

6. Applicant agrees to file all reports and information required by law and to follow all federal state and local laws applicable to the business and status as an independent contractor; and to assume all liability for self-employment and income taxes due on income earned in connection with his/her business.

7. Affiliates agree that in the exercise of any investment activities associated with their activities as an affiliate or investor in Hannaian programs, that they will comply with all Federal & State securities laws & regulations. In addition, Affiliates agree to comply with all applicable rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) of the United States, and all applicable NASD rules, or rules of any other Securities Exchange involved in their investment transaction(s). In addition, Affiliates agree to refrain from all unethical activity, or any activity that may involve the appearance of impropriety in their Hannaian related investment activity. Affiliates agree to read and follow the guidelines included in the Hannaian Training Guide entitled "Please Don't Do These Things".

8. Applicant agrees to present Hannaian business and affiliation opportunities in a truthful and sincere manner and to accept the responsibilities of a sponsor by insuring that any publisher affiliate sponsored by him/her to the best of his/her knowledge is of the highest ethical and moral character, and that they have received adequate information about the business, investment, & publishing activities of the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group.

9. Applicant agrees not to; adulterate or altar the Company's products in any way; reveal or use the Company's trade secrets as to operating procedures in any way other than in connection with his/her Hannaian publishing business; use the Company's trademark or trade names in any type of advertising (except those provided by the Company) without prior written approval from the Company.

10. Applicant will not misrepresent Hannaian's policies in any manner and will make no statements, claims, or warrantees respecting matters which are not contained in Hannaian's written materials.

11. In regard to Hannaian materials, Applicant agrees not to use, promote, make copies, or produce replications of any kind that are not authorized by the Company. Applicant agrees not to use proprietary trade names and trademarks of Hannaian International, or Hannaian U.S.A. without prior written consent.

12. Applicant agrees to use his/her best efforts to promote the activities of Hannaian programs. Applicant understands that there are no guarantees of profitability or success in any Hannaian program and that there are no exclusive territories within the region of operations for which applicant is approved. Applicant understands that authorization as an Independent Publisher for a particular region does not include authorization as an Independent Publisher for other regions.

13. Applicant agrees that he/she has no power or authority to incur any debt, obligation or liability on behalf of the company, and that he/she will not incur such.

14. Applicant agrees that the Company may release his/her name and telephone number in response to a customer's request for assistance in his/her area. Applicant agrees to notify Company that he/she does not want this information released by written notice directed to the Company's offices.

15. Applicant understands and agrees that a violation of any of the terms of this Agreement, including the policies and procedures of Hannaian may result in the termination of Applicant's authorization as a Hannaian Publisher.

16. Applicant will not assign, sell, or otherwise convey to any other person or entity any of the rights, privileges or interest as a Hannaian Publisher without the prior written consent of the Company.

17. Legal disputes between Hannaian and any Independent Publisher are agreed to be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the then existing rules of the American Arbitration Association. All arbitration proceedings will be held at the location of Hannaian U.S.A. headquarters in the United States.

18. Any provision of these agreements which is held to be invalid shall not be deemed to invalidate the entire agreement.

19. This agreement may be modified from time to time to meet legal requirements or economic conditions.

20. Venue and jurisdiction for any legal action or claim shall be in the County of Palm Beach, Florida and governed by laws of the same.

21. All trading & investment opportunities undertaken to acquire intellectual properties in private or public markets and derived through affiliation in the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group is undertaken as an independent contractor with no liabilities accruing to the Hannaian companies, its principals, employees or Group affiliates. Applicant understands that the Hannaian company is not a financial advisor or stock brokerage and that the Intellectual Property Stock (H.I.P.S.) Research service and other financial and investment materials published by the company are provided as a benefit to publisher affiliates solely to facilitate their acquisitions of Intellectual Properties in the private and public securities markets. Affiliates of the Investment & Publishing Group agree not to sell or otherwise utilize the information provided from the Hannaian Intellectual Property Stock Research Service to operate any independent Financial Advisory service, Discount or full Service brokerage service or any other entity where the affiliate is a principal in charging any type of fee or gaining any type of direct or indirect financial remuneration from others for providing use of H.I.P.S. information. The information obtained from the HIPS Research Service shall be used solely for the personal use of the individual affiliate only, and all commercial use of this information is prohibited. The affiliate agrees to indemnify the Hannaian Company for any damages incurred by the Hannaian Company for violations of this policy by the affiliate.

22. Due to the nature of the securities covered in the Hannaian Intellectual Property Stock Research Reports and Investment Program all applicants are required to carefully read and understand the information contained in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Schedule 15G, Rule 15g-2 related to trading in "Penny Stocks". The applicant agrees that this information has been carefully read and understood and that his/her signature on this application signifies that he/she has done so.

23. The Hannaian Program with its policies and procedures is contained in the Policy and Procedures Manual and The Hannaian Marketing System & Compensation Plan publication, which is hereby incorporated into and made a part of this agreement. Applicant acknowledges being familiar with and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of the Hannaian System as currently constituted and as may be modified from time to time by the Company.

24. Applicant has 15 days after approval of this application to review all details of this agreement, associated policies & procedures published and available through the Internet or otherwise, and to request a full refund of the registration, Business Support Kit & Subscription fee.

APPLICANT’S FULL NAME _______________________________________________

SIGNATURE _____________________________________________________________

DATE ______________________________________

SOCIAL SECURITY #, OR E.I.N._____________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP ___________________________________________________________________

TEL __________________________________ FAX ________________________________

CELL. TEL. ________________________________ 

WEBSITE ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________

 E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________


I certify that I have discussed with the above applicant the privileges and responsibilities of an independent Hannaian Publishing Affiliate, it is my opinion that he/she is sufficiently knowledgeable and capable of fully understanding and following the polices and procedures required of an Independent Hannaian Affiliate Publisher and I recommend this applicant to be qualified as an Independent Hannaian Affiliated Publisher.

SPONSORING PUBLISHER’S NAME ___________________________________________________

SPONSORING PUBLISHER’S SIGNATURE ______________________________________________

PUBLISHER’S I.E.P. CODE _____________________________________________

DATE _______________________________

The registration fee is $225 and must accompany the application. If paying by credit card please fill out the following information:

Card Type: VISA______ MasterCard ______ Discover ______

Card Number: _____________________________________ Expiration Date __________

____________________________________ ___________________________
Authorized Signature ...............................................Date


APPROVED__________ DATE______________________ NOT APPROVED__________






 Applicants submitting a new application must print out, sign, and mail in this printed application, and also fill out and submit the online application.

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Print this application and mail to:
Hannaian U.S.A. Corp.
P.O. Box 588
Indiantown, FL 34956

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