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The Gainey-Martin Project
Principles of a Public Securities Stock Trading & Investing Business

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Message from Program Director
Elmira R. Gainey
Board of County Commissioners
Martin County, Florida

As a former teacher and administrator I have always understood the powerful role that economics and education plays in every aspect of our society. Also, I realize that to accomplish many of the needs we have in our modern societies we must embrace every opportunity we have to use the tool of of education whenever we can. When I became aware of the efforts of a group of already successful individuals who not only understand these principles but have developed a unique collaborative educational process to mutually share their equally unique investment research system, I realized that it was something we needed for the young people of Martin County. Through a lot of hard work, we have been able to build a coalition to bring this technologically advanced, Internet based special program to Martin County. It is my hope that the young people in our county will take advantage of the knowledge and expertise which this education and economic development project brings to our doorsteps. It should provide a powerful means for our young people to understand and participate in the mainstream economic processes and financial markets necessary for successful global operations and business ownership. I would like to thank all of the many individuals who have contributed to make this project a reality, in particular I feel that that the Hannaian Publishing Company, the Indian River Community College, and the Martin County School District all deserve special commendations for their efforts in bringing this opportunity to the young people of our community.

Message from Course Developer & Publisher
Harlington Hanna Jr.
C.E.O. Hannaian Publishing

We are delighted to be able to provide to the college and high school students of Martin County Florida this online distance learning course. The course has been specifically designed to introduce to the young people of the area, the philosophies, techniques and procedures which we have developed and use within our publishing, research, & investment group, the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (H.I.P.G.). It is our pleasure to contribute to the process and bring to the students enrolled our heartfelt desire for your success. We hope that the information we provide with the guidance of your onsite teachers will provide you with a base of knowledge and expertise that will be with you forever and upon which you can continue to build, grow, and develop, your financial, investment, and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. It is our hope that you will take whatever you learn and use it to assist in helping others, and in bringing economic and social progress to your communities of interest. On behalf of the Hannaian companies and the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group I welcome and congratulate each of you. Each member of H.I.P.G. who uses the knowledge and skills taught in this course every day in their public securities trading and investment activities welcomes the opportunity to share their expertise with you. We applaud Commissioner Gainey for her insight and the Indian River community college and the Martin County School District for their collaboration in this effort, and we hope that students will truly benefit from the knowledge and skills they derive from the course.

The Gainey-Martin Project
The Gainey - Martin County Project is an Internet based distance learning program covering the basics of trading and investing in the public securities markets, designed to educate middle, high school and community college students. It provides an easily understood and accessed program to achieve a pragmatic approach to the stock trading & investing business. It facilitates understanding and participation in, the mainstream economic processes and financial markets necessary for successful global operations and business ownership.

The objective is to provide an introduction to the investment environment, and practical knowledge of trading and investment techniques in the securities markets. This course will introduce students to elements of what is historically the ultimate wealth building process in America. By introducing the understanding and principles of financial management and investing, and building a solid foundation of these processes at an early age, the system will provide students with the tools necessary to develop permanent life enriching skills. This should foster a lifetime of productivity and understanding of the central elements governing economic and financial empowerment in the United States and other first world nation economies. This is particularly important for children from economically depressed environments and communities, or those who would not usually be exposed to these processes.

In addition to basic investment principles, the course will emphasize principles used in the Hannaian Intellectual Property Investment System. When sufficiently exposed to the basic training, and armed with the practical element of a working knowledge of the Hannaian Research & Investment System, students will develop the attitudes and skills necessary to acquire and maintain financial security at an early age. In addition, such involvement should provide the necessary hope, security and confidence in participating individuals so that they avoid inappropriate social behaviors, and become financially knowledgeable and productive forces in their communities.

The program may be conducted as a part of a school's formal curriculum or as an extracurricular program.

Students will review text and audio lessons over the Internet.

Students will prepare essay answers to questions based on the lesson content.

Instructional Facilitators at each school will review the essays and provide constructive feedback regarding the quality of the answer as relates to correctness, writing skills, thinking skills and comprehension of the subject matter.

Students will be afforded opportunities to interact and question active traders and investors in the Hannaian Investment Group.

Student participants will have the opportunity to attend the Hannaian Treasure Coast Winter 2001 Investment Retreat & Conference in January, 2001 where they may participate in the trading training sessions conducted at the conference.

A committee will chose the top students successfully completing the course to receive Hannaian Scholastic Awards.

Students will develop writing and critical thinking skills. 

Students will develop a practical working knowledge of the U.S. stock markets and the elements of trading and investment in these markets. 

Students will develop a working knowledge of the Hannaian Intellectual Property Public Investments Program. 

The principles used are based upon a model developed and used by Hannaian Publishing which emphasizes opportunities for non-institutional small budget, self-directed and controlled trading & investing in the public securities markets. In addition the system emphasizes the operation of public trading and investments as a business operation, with self directed and controlled research and investments into the intellectual property value of the targeted companies.

The Hannaian Business Training Institute (H.B.T.I.), and Hannaian Publishing, divisions of Hannaian U.S.A. Corp. will provide the content and delivery of the lessons. The content being similar to, derived from, and based on the Hannaian Intellectual Property Stock Investment System. H.B.T.I. will also provide the questions and review standards used in evaluating the answers to the questions assigned in the lessons.

The Hannaian Publishing company and its Business Training Institute, the developers and conductors of the course are involved primarily in Internet publishing of investment research and other investment related modalities. The company has developed a proprietary investment research & trading system which has produced exemplary returns over the past three years and has a group of traders and investors that use its system which is based on investments in intellectual property rich companies.

The Hannaian Companies are primarily Internet based operations, utilizing primarily Internet based infrastructure and processes.

The Project Coordinator is Elmira R. Gainey, former Public School Teacher and Administrator -Martin County School System; Adjunct Counselor-Indian River Community College; Founder and Chairperson-Dizzy Gillespie School of the Fine & Performing Arts, and current Martin County Commissioner.

The Project Coordinator will select teachers to serve as Instructional Facilitators (I.F.s) from each participating school.

Students in good standing in the associated schools
Indian River Community College
Martin County High School
South Fork High School

Students should have a working and practical knowledge of computers and the Internet

Registration can be accomplished online or at the school of preference

CURRICULUM: (Subject to changes)
Understanding The Investment Markets......Public & Private
Understanding Public Company Structure & Behavior
Basic Definitions, Stock Trading & Investment Terms
The Stock Markets
The S.E.C., Exchanges & The Regulatory Process
Brokers, Market Makers & Transactional Orders
Company Fundamentals
The Hannaian Intellectual Properties Stock Research & Investment System
Intellectual Properties & their Investment Value
Hannaian Stock Research Techniques
Hannaian Trading & Investing Techniques
Strategies for Maximizing Trading & Investment Profits

All Community Colleges, High Schools & Middle Schools in Martin County are eligible

Each student will receive a certificate of completion and credit if applicable from the institution they are enrolled in.

Internet access
All content is available and accessed through www.hannaian.com


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Successful completion of this course qualifies for credit in IRCC Course

Introduction To Finance


Elmira Gainey
Project Director
Martin County Board of County Commissioners

Patty Winterburn
Indian River Community College
Martin County

Teaching Facilitators
Martin County School District

Susan Fogarty
Martin County High School

Kevin Cohen
South Fork High School

Course Developer & Publisher

Harlington L. Hanna Jr.
C.E.O. Hannaian U.S.A.

Hannaian Publishing

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