Understanding Capital Gains Calculations for the Aggressive Investor and Trader

The typical agressive investor and trader in the public securities arena will have numerous transactions during the course of a year. The number of these transactions can easily number into the hundreds and even the thousands in any given year. With the explosion in self-controlled investing now due to Internet processes, this situation will become more of a problem for the aggressive investor. Calculating the capital gains and losses, and wash sales etc., is a nightmare without the proper software. Keeping a running tally of these gains and losses throughout the year is even more difficult. Typically transactions in stocks for the aggresive investor and trader is not a one time purchase with the sale of the full lot of shares long term, but multiple purchases of the same stock at different prices, with partial and combined sales of various lots of shares bought at different times. The following excerpt from one software provider of a solution to this problem gives some details as to why it is such an important matter for the modern investor.

Wash Sale Schedule D Generator
The current version handles Securities and Mutual Funds trading, Short Sell, Stock Splits, Dividend Reinvestment, Return of Capital, Capital Gains Distribution, Reinvestment of Capital Gains Distribution, Exempt Interest Dividend, and automatic WASH SALE adjustments in which you will not find in any other software of this kind.

Our review of this program finds that it is easiest and most cost effective solution to the problem, and so we have picked it as the reccomended solution for affiliates of the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG). As a membership benefit HIPG members can obtain special pricing for this product by following the instructions at the end of the Training Guide "Computing Taxable Capital Gains & The Schedule D Tax Form" located in the Training Guide Section of the Members Only Section of the WebSite.

Non HIPG members may visit http://www.washsales.com to find more information and to purchase the program. There is a 15 day demo to facilitate your evaluation of the program.

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