Shuffle Boogie Soul Dance Video Showcase
Choreography by Ira Weisburd
Honky Tonk by Preston Shannon

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SBS FLASH MOB with Ira Weisburd (Choreographer), Rosie Multari & Rona Kaye at the Workmen's Circle in Mahattan, New York City, on September 19, 2010, together with choreographers, instructors and line dancers from the tri-state area.

Taping of Shuffle Boogie Soul Dance MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Shuffle Boogie Soul is the number one line dance in the world but did you know it started right here in Memphis? Preston Shannon joined FOX13 to talk about how his song, "Honky Tonk" swept across the nation and 40 countries! Choreographer, Ira Weisbord came up with line dance. Thursday night on Beale, dancers are urged to join Shannon and others for taping of them doing the Shuffle Boogie Soul dance. The video will be used in an upcoming concert in Florida. Shuffle Boogie Soul Line Dance Tonight 5:30 Pm B.B. King's Beale Street

fchin49 | September 30, 2010 Dance performed on Beale Street; Memphis, TN; Sept 30, 2010

fan2seemsrita | October 01, 2010 Preston Shannons hit song, "Honky Tonk" is a hit all over the world. Dance Instructor Ira Weisberg has started a craze with the linedance, Shuffle Boogie Soul. This is a short take of the makiing of, filmed right here in Memphis on Beale Street

DancinTerry | September 30, 2010 S.B.S. Shuffle Boogie Soul Danced by The Lowcountry Scootin' Boots for The Flash Mob Line Dance

DancinTerry | September 30, 2010 S.B.S. Shuffle Boogie Soul Line Dance Entry for the Flash Mob Line Dance from The Carolina Girls in Walterboro, SC

Preston Shannon & Keartra Knox Interview Fox13 Shuffle Boogie Soul newscast.flv Memphis


S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul) at Midnight Rodeo.mp4, sned2000 | October 01, 2010 Marilyn McNeal's Thursday night class at Midnight Rodeo in Ocala FL. Flash Mob

teresalinedance | October 03, 2010 Line dance 48 count 4 wall Beginner, choreographed by Ira Weisburd to 'Honky Tonk' by Preston Shannon

DogCanyonDancers1 | October 03, 2010

fan2seemsrita | October 03, 2010. This the Live footage from The Official Beale Street rehearsal of S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul) Linedance. Choreographer Ira Weisburd started this new dance craze and Dance Instructor Dennis Mobley got involved; Weisburd brought Preston Shannon onboard by choosing "Honky Tonk" for the signature song. We all gathered in front of B.B. Kings club in Memphis to learn how to do the S.B.S. and the rest is history. Beale Street has a distinct atmosphere as you can see, in the video; so if you have not been to Memphis you must come.

hlwoods | October 03, 2010. The Senior Spirit Kickers of Cullman, Alabama perform the S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul) line dance, choreographed by Ira Weisburd.

cjlove78 | October 03, 2010. SBS (Shuffle Boogie Soul) at September Line Dance Party, Asheville Ballroom, Asheville NC. Taught by Denna Yockey; Choreographer: Ira Weisburd; Music: Honky Tonk by Preston Shanon.

S.B.S. 09-30-2010 .MPG shutterbuggin | October 03, 2010. Shuffle Boogie Soul line dance. Saint Cloud Line Dance Club. Saint Cloud, Florida.

S B S Tomtom DVD Debutant 04, TomtomDanse | October 03, 2010

S.B.S - Shuffle Boogie Soul - October 2, 2010, France, DavyCountryBoy | October 03, 2010 Line Dance choreographed by Ira Weisburd, sung by Preston Shannon, filmed by Gerard (aka Gégé Reporter), danced at the 6th "Country Dance 71" Party in Martigny le Comte (France). Davy with his Burgundy Friends !!! Congratulations & Thank You So Much

SBS (Shuffle Boogie Soul) Hilton Head Sun City Dancers, hhlinedancer | October 04, 2010, Hilton Head Sun City Line Dancers entry for Flash Mob Line Dance Video. October 03, 2010

S B S Shuffle Boogie Soul Line Dance with Vanessa. bootscootervb | October 09, 2010 S.B.S. Shuffle Boogie Soul with Vanessa ,LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. Vanessa’s Positive Energy Soul Line Dancers:

Double D Dancers of Milwaukee WI dance, Double D Dancers part of the Flash Mob of us dancing SBS from Milwaukee, WI, darrenfields | October 01, 2010
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