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Funding Innovation

Commercialization of Intellectual Property, Capital, and Technology Transfer


The Institute's business activity is concentrated on the development and licensing of Intellectual Property rich innovative products and services, with a focus on satisfying the investment objectives of legally qualified and sophisticated investors.

The Hannaian Research Institute utilizes the resources of the Hannaian Investment Banking Support Services (HIBSS) division of Hannaian International to assist in the funding arrangements for its IP commercialization and Technology Transfer efforts. Over the years of practicing investments in the private and public securities markets, HBISS has developed significant expertise in funding mechanisms, and has even pioneered some of its own unique techniques, investment strategies and tools within the trading and investment industry. Expert knowledge of the private and public securities and investment markets are essential to understand and participate in modern global funding of innovation and technology. The most successful technology transfer managers and agents have significant knowledge and experience in the global securities markets, and intimately understand the trading and investment industry from an experiential perspective.

In the modern global economy the funding of innovation is usually the major hurdle that has to be overcome in the development, commercialization, and transfer of Intellectual Property.

At HRI the first step in funding includes a formal preliminary disclosure agreement followed by the due diligence evaluation agreement and process, and a formal written analytical report exchanged between all relevant parties. The report establishes recommendations and determinations on the feasibility of licensing, joint venturing, or obtaining funding in the current investment banking markets. The focus of product development funding can then move to the actual funding stage.

The acquisition, licensing and commercialization of intellectual property and associated products is a complicated legal and business process. It entails ensuring the chain of title in the IP, associated products and company, the level of protection of the various intellectual property rights in the product within many jurisdictions globally, and numerous options for the licensing, sale, marketing, and commercial or other use of the intellectual property or product. When executed properly these projects are usually extremely complex and require a great deal of sophisticated analysis and work.

The Hannaian Research Institute has an experienced team of attorneys, accountants, banking, and investment professionals available to provide the needed services to accomplish such objectives.

HRI's services are specifically designed for industrial developers, colleges, universities and their researchers, independent researchers and inventors, artists, songwriters, authors, publishers, software engineers, inventors, attorneys, accountants, investors, business entrepreneurs, emerging growth company executives and any Intellectual Property stakeholder interested in commercializing their product. In addition, the Institute's Community & International Technology Transfer Services have been designed to further the economic growth and development efforts of government and community agencies.


Mergers & Acquisitions, Joints Ventures, and Venture Capital

All serious funding considerations must include a variety of options each of which can ultimately determine the success of the project and respective interests of the various parties in the project or company. Funding these inherently complex projects either at the research stage or the commercialization stage will often entail structuring mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, special holding company entities, and venture capital deals. IP stakeholders should therefore be ready to consider such options and the costs and resources involved, in addition to more traditional funding for their projects.



HRI's fees are structured on a case by case basis depending on the stage of development and complexity of the project, and may involve some sort of equity position in the project or company. The amount of fees or equity position would depend on a full evaluation of the project and company, and the complexity of any restructuring needed to attract support or funding from the investment banking community.

If you are interested in having the Hannaian Research Institute work with you, your company or university in the development or commercialization of your intellectual property and associated product(s) please contact us or complete the Online Preliminary Product Review Form.


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