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Company Profile
Hannaian Entertainment is internationally based and performs specialized business, investment, and management services in support of the operations of professional artists of various genres, entertainers, sports figures, other renowned individuals, celebrities, and their intellectual property holdings. The Company provides marketing, agency, management, promotion and production services for its clientele and their intellectual properties. The Company is specifically designed to afford this clientele the opportunity to benefit from special investment options which would allow them to maintain greater ownership interests in their careers and intellectual property.

The Hannaian Fund (HFund) is a special divison of Hannaian Entertainment designed to combine the intellectual property holdings of established artists into a unique and profitable business and investment enterprise. HFund also is the conduit that allows artists to develop their own business and investment projects with the assistance of the expertise and resources of the various divisions of the Hannaian International Group.

Company Operations
Many established artists, entertainers, and other renowned individuals, have inherently valuable assets in their personage and in the art and science of their works. Many do not have the corporate backing or individual time, expertise or resources to fully exploit their holdings or to compete effectively in the global marketplace against major corporate players. Their intrinsic assets and intellectual properties may therefore in many cases never reach their full market value, potential, and benefit to the artist. This is often the case even for some of the most famous artists who often cannot fully economically or otherwise commercially exploit all of their Intellectual Property holdings and assets. The Hannaian Fund is a unique solution to these revenue addresses these

The management services provided by the Company also relieves busy production and performance laden artists of the daily overbearing challenges of managing some of their most burdensome business needs and practices.

The Hannaian Fund provides a competitive corporate based environment designed to assist this clientele to better benefit from their intellectual property holdings and simultaneously gain investment opportunities, while maintaining proportioned control over their careers and assets. This opportunity is especially important in an ever increasing competitive and global marketplace dominated by huge corporate conglomerates.

The Company's artist and entertainment clients have the opportunity to maintain increased ownership interests in their own intellectual property and publishing through the association of their related intellectual property holdings and the Company's provisions for specially negotiated options.

The combined influence and resources of talented artists in a specially designed business structure provides an exciting and unique process which investors and consumers alike will support. It also provides for the increased independence of artistic control which most artists desire.

Specialized Management, Business & Investment Services For Client Operations
Legal & Contractual Support Services
Royalty Recoupment Services
Royalty Tracking & Management
Intellectual Property Sourcing & Protection Services
Celebrity Memorabilia Sourcing & Marketing
Product Endorsement & Branding
Public Relations & Promotions
Concert & Performance Booking & Brokering
Tour Support
Product Distribution
Musical Recording & Production
Video & Internet Production
Literary, Music, & Internet Publishing
Advertising Support
Accounting Support
Payroll Management
Investment Consulting
Joint Venture Sourcing & Financing
Venture Capital Sourcing

These services are specifically tailored to assist and support the established business and investment operations of professional artists, entertainers and sports figures.

The Company selectively chooses its clientele in order to provide and maintain a particular level and quality of service.

The Company has a range of negotiable management and services options which clients may embrace, beginning with its Non-Exclusive Agency Association Agreement through a series of more complex contractual arrangements.

The Company has specific provisions in place to work directly with artists' existing legal and professional management who may desire to utilize or engage particular services offered by the Company.

Artists and management seeking Joint Venture and Venture Capital opportunities for their ongoing or proposed projects should forward a prospectus on the project or contact The Hannaian Fund for consultation on prospectus requirements.

Professional Products Division
This division of the company promotes and markets the sale and licensing of the intellectual property holdings & professional works of the company's clientele.


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For further information contact
Hannaian Entertainment & The Hannaian Fund
The Hannaian International Group

Harlington L. Hanna Jr.
Managing Director

220 Tywnam Heights
Nassau N.P. Bahamas
(242) 326-5497

Mailing address
P.O. Box EE-16021
Nassau, N.P. Bahamas

E-Mail: hfund@hannaian.com
Internet: http://www.hannaian.com/fund

Hannaian Investment Banking Support Services

Providing Support & Structure to Public Markets & Global Industry

The Hannaian Investment Banking Support Services Division (HIBSS) provides assistance to selective projects which require rehabilitative and restructuring activity in publicly traded companies, or those seeking public company status.

The unique structure and nature of the expertise available within the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group, and the securities research and investment activities of the Group provide support for the Investment Banking Support Services provided by Hannaian.

Private companies and business projects seeking capitalization through the public capital markets may benefit from the services of HIBSS. In addition, publicly traded companies seeking solutions ranging from affordable assistance with SEC filings, delisting & relisting problems, capital, technology, and other value infusions, reverse mergers, and various types of acquisitions may benefit from these Investment Banking Support Services.

Hannaian Investment Banking Support Services

Specific HIBSS Support Services fall into the following general areas

Special IPO Support
Public Company (PC) Maintenance
Reverse Merger Mechanisms
Technology/Value Infusions
….Hannaian Infusions
Intellectual Property Licensing Support

The Hannaian Business Matching Database
Companies or individuals wishing to access HIBSS services are encouraged to Register with the Hannaian Business Matching Database.

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Hannaian Consultants
Providing Qualified Consultants to Global Industry

Click here for highly qualified consultants available in the following areas.

  • Investment
  • Research Litigation Support
  • Corporate Medicine Issues
  • Health Care Administration
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Socio-Economic Impact Issues
  • Health & Environmental Issues
  • International Trade Issues
  • Special & Secondary Education
  • Telecommunication & Computer Network Solutions
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Capital Markets & Public Securities Issues
  • Public Company Support Mechanisms
  • IPOs, Secondary Public Offerings & Public Financing