Representation Agreement Information & Inquiry Form

Use this form to begin the process of gaining representation by the Hannaian Fund. The information provided in the form will be used to determine the level and type of representation we will be able to provide you. After review of the information we will contact you either for additional information if needed or to complete the terms of our agreement for representation.

We primarily represent the business, investment and management interests of established artists, entertainers and professional athletes. We can assist these artists with the analysis, structuring, capitalization and management of their business operations and investment interests. You may review the full complement of our services at our website

In order to properly and effectively setup, manage and operate their business and investment interests, we encourage professional artists to first have a comprehensive evaluation of the status of their current business operations which will provide them with recommendations as to which steps and direction they will need to move forward with their endeavors. As such, our work with our clients is done on a case by case basis, involves a significant amount of legal and accounting work by our legal, accounting and investment team, and is highly confidential.

We provide a structured service to assist artists in this regard. The cost of the initial evaluation begins at a base rate of $350 with additional fees for more complex projects.

The analysis covers the following areas:

Evaluation Phase & Process

A comprehensive evaluation of the artist’s project or company’s * Legal Form/Model/Tiers, *Mission, *Management, *Marketing, *Monetary Fundamentals, *Investment Valuation & Securities Structure, *Merger/Infusion Ability, * Market Competitive Position, *Branding, *Intellectual Property Holdings, and *Ultimate Marketability.

The evaluation also determines what restructuring of the artist business operations may be needed. The Hannaian Fund can then assist the artist in restructuring business, management and investment operations.

We will only take on management responsibilities after the initial evaluation is completed and the type of management services needed can be ascertained and agreed to by all parties.

One of the unique opportunities we offer our clients is the use of our Intellectual Property Repository which manages and protects the publishing rights and other intellectual property (Copyrights, Trade & Service Marks, Patents and Industrial Secrets) holdings of our clients.

If you are further interested in engaging our services you may visit our website for more information or contact us with further questions by email at, or call our office at (772) 597-4300.

Please fill in as much details as possible in the form below. We will contact you if we have additional questions and to give you a report on our evaluation of your information and the status of our ability to provide your representation.

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