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Hannaian Investment Banking Support Services (HIBSS) is a division of the Hannaian International Group and provides supplemental assistance to investment banks in their traditional investment banking activities. In addition, HIBSS provides direct services to selective business projects which require rehabilitative and restructuring activity for publicly traded companies, or those seeking public company status. As an investment banking support services company HIBSS is specifically structured to assist startup and developing business projects, evaluate, structure and capitalize their projects in global capital markets. Unlike an investment bank HIBSS does not conduct or offer public offerings of securities or investment funds.

Private companies and business projects seeking capitalization through the public capital markets may benefit from some of the unique value infusion techniques used by HIBSS. In addition, publicly traded companies seeking solutions ranging from affordable assistance with security commission filings, stock exchange delisting & relisting problems, capital, technology, and other value infusions, reverse mergers, and various types of acquisitions may benefit from these Investment Banking Support Services. We also offer an array of services in support of the operations and capitalization of private and publicly traded companies in the increasingly important international capital markets.

Some services are specifically designed to assist publicly traded companies in maintaining their filings with securities regulators, and stock exchange compliance requirements. Many publicly traded companies have recognized the convenience of outsourcing these activities and freeing their management and staff to concentrate on the substantive operation of their businesses.

Also, HIBSS business projects clients and their products & services, offer excellent opportunities for infusions of value into public companies. These value infusions are specifically designed to help boast investor confidence and shareholder value. In addition, we pay special attention to structuring our projects to include significant branding and global licensing opportunities, emphasizing and enhancing the value of the project's intellectual property holdings.

HIBSS is afiliated with the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group. The unique structure and nature of the expertise available within the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group, and the securities research and investment activities of the Group provide unique opportunities for clientele of the Investment Banking Support Services Division. As an example, an important aspect of our operations is our marketing division. Our marketing efforts are designed to assist projects with the substantive marketing of their products and services, and third party licensing of their intellectual property utilizing the unique network of affiliates within the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group, and the expertise available through the affiliated Hannaian Research Institute.

HIBSS provides many of the services needed to support investment banking and complex business development projects consolidated under one roof, providing a level of efficiency and economy not otherwise possible.

Our team includes experienced legal, accounting, investment, financing, marketing and public relations professionals making it convenient for public & private company clients to receive comprehensive assistance as needed.

Hannaian Investment Banking Support Services
Public Company Maintenance
Special IPO Support Services
Private Offering Support
Market Evaluation
Company Restructuring
Capitalization Support & Sourcing
Reverse Merger Support & Mechanisms
Hannaian/Technology/Value Infusions
Venture Capital Sourcing
Joint Venture Structuring
Product and Project Branding
Intellectual Property Licensing
Legal Services
Accounting & Auditing Services
Public Relations

The Hannaian Business Matching Database & Business & Project Evaluation Service
Companies or individuals wishing to access HIBSS services are encouraged to Register with the Hannaian Business Matching Database. Those wishing to have their business or project evaluated as to its potentional for funding and capitalization should fill out the Business and Project Evaluation Form.

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For further information and specific details on HIBSS opportunities, please provide a basic overview of your project and the details of your business needs.

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