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What is the business form of your company or project (Sole Proprietorship, Corporation , LLC Partnership, other), explain which and who are the principal partners or shareholders with percentages:

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Have you, or are you interested in licensing your product or certain rights to it. Explain.

If your company is not a publicly traded company, are you interested in becoming a publicly traded entity. Discuss.

If your company is publicly traded already, are you interested in a capital or value infusion, or other assistance? Explain:

Explain how you market or plan to market you company, product or service:

What are the Assets of the Business? List with values:

What are the short & Long Term Liabilities of the Business? List with values:

Other Assets (Personal etc.) which may be used to collateralize the Business? List with values

Estimated funding needed. List purposes, major items and values:

Estimated time to self-sustaining operations. Explain:

Prior and current attempts at funding and results. Explain & list sources:

Type of Funding & Capitalization Interested in (Private Equity Buyout, Private Equity Offering, IPO, Merger / Reverse Merger, Hannaian Infusion, Secondary Public Offering, P.I.P.E., Bond Offering, Angel / Venture Capital, Bank / Debt Financing, Other), Prioritize & Explain:

How much revenue has the company or project generated in the past year if any, If none when do you expect to generate revenue, Explain:

Is there any cash available at this time to move the business/project forward.? If so how much, Explain:

What written documents do you have available related to the project (Business Plan, Prospectus, Contracts, Shareholders Agreements, Debt Obligations & Notes, Asset Ownership Documents, Deeds, Receipts, etc.)? List & Explain:

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