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In 1999 Memphis Bluesman Preston Shannon was in the running for three Grammy nominations stemming from his third record "All In Time", which was produced by Willie Mitchell. Quite a feat for an authentic Soul Blues singer these days. It looked like Shannon could possibly crossover into the coveted B.B. King-Thrill-Is-Gone/Robert Cray-Smoking-Gun mainstream success echelon. Then something remarkable happened...nothing. There was no follow up record to keep momentum. The iron grew cold. Shannon kept playing, ever solidifying his musical prowess on the Memphis concert scene (named "Entertainer of the Year" countless times by the Merchants Association of world famous Beale Street) but no further recordings until now.

Blessed with a raspy Bobby Womack-like voice and able guitar fingers, Preston was originally born in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Shannon's family moved to Memphis when he was eight. Shannon cut his teeth with a local bar band called Amnesty, followed by other Memphis-area bands while working days at a hardware company. But he became a full time musician when he scored a spot in Soul great Shirley Brown's band. It wasn't until 1991 that he put together his own band and began playing the clubs on Beale Street and other hot spots. In the early 1990s, he was discovered playing a blues club by producer Ron Levy who brought Shannon to Rounder Records. "Break The Ice" came in 1994 featuring the Memphis Horns and it made certain the live magic of Shannon's show carried over to the studio. Next Shannon was fitted with legendary Hi Records producer Willie Mitchell (Al Green, Otis Clay & others) and delivered one of the best Soul Blues records of the past 25 years. In fact it is ranked #8 on Blues Critic's "Greatest 100 Soul Blues & Southern Soul Albums 1980-2005". The record was also considered for Grammy Nominations. In 1999 came "All In Time", again with Mitchell, and further accolades were heaped upon this new artist- the next big thing? Fast forward through an inexplicable 7 years to his brand new CD "Be With Me Tonight", which picks up right where he left off.

 Be With Me Tonight

Preston's most recent work - "Be with Me Tonight" is done in grand style, experimenting joining forces of Shannon's blues style with the harmony of country producer Clayton McGonigle, making Shannon's latest album his best yet.

1. I Might Be Your Husband (Listen to Audio Clip)

2. Fools Way Out (Listen to Audio Clip)

3. Be with Me Tonight (Listen to Audio Clip)

4. Way That I Love You (Listen to Audio Clip)

5. Not Tonight, Cause Honey I Got the Blues

6. G-Man

7. Luck Ain't No Lady

8. If Ten Is Gonna Kill Me

9. Loves Gonna Get You

10. It's My Life (Listen to Audio Clip)

11. Goin' Back to Memphis (Listen to Audio Clip)

12. No More War

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 All in Time

"All in Time" received three Grammy nominations for "Best Contemporary Blues Artist", "Blues Album of the Year", and "Best New Artist".

1. Just Between Me and My Woman

2. Tired of the Ghetto Bringing Me Down

3. Are You in the Mood?

4. Jail of Love

5. That's the Way I Feel About Cha

6. Wrapped Up Tied Up

7. Welfare Woman

8. Your Good Thang Just Broke Bad

9. Be With Me Tonight

10. Purple Rain (Listen to Audio Clip)

11. Cold Beer Good Time

Memphis-based guitarist Preston Shannon combines soul-touched vocals and clean execution to best advantage on All in Time . . .

There's also a cover of "Purple Rain" that's enough to do Prince (er, the Artist Formerly Known As) proud.

--Genevieve Williams, Editorial Reviews

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 Midnight in Memphis

Legendary Producer, Willie Mitchell (Best known for his long and successful collaborations with Al Green) produced both "All in Time" and "Midnight in Memphis". The Album received two Grammy nominations. It contains the song "Honky Tonk" which went to number #1 in the Dance World with the Dance "Shuffle Boogie Soul"

1. Round Midnight

2. Baby I Will

3. Size 12 Shoes

4. Nobody's Fool

5. The Feeling Is Gone

6. The Clock

7. The Streets Will Love You To Death

8. Honky Tonk

9. Take Your Time

10. Can't Lose What You Never Had

11. Handee Man

12. Midnight In Memphis

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Break The Ice
(Bullseye Blues 1994)

1. Trouble (Listen to Audio Clip)

2. Break the Ice (Listen to Audio Clip)

3. You're the One

4. Have Your Woman Ever Loved You So Good

5. I Got Everything I Need

6. Beale Street Boogaloo

7. Put a Dollar in Your Pocket

8. Forty Days and Forty Nights

9. Looking for a Love

10. I Got Somebody

11. Crosscut Saw (Listen to Audio Clip)

12. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone


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