Caribbean Investment Program (C.I.P.)
Hannaian International Realty

Certain purchasers of Bahamian and Caribbean Properties may qualify for our Caribbean Investment Program (C.I.P.). Our C.I.P. is a service unique to Hannaian International Realty clients and can potentially save buyers of certain properties thousands of dollars on their real estate transactions.

If you, your company, or the transactions involved meet any of the following criteria you may qualify for our C.I.P:

- You or your company are a foreign (non-Bahamian/Caribbean) buyer of Bahamian or Caribbean real estate
- Your company is a publicly traded company on any stock exchange
- Your company is a private corporation, limited liability company or partnership, or other special entity
- The transaction will involve payments and transfer of large sums of funds into the Bahamas/Caribbean
- The transaction will incur large currency exchange control fees and charges
- The property purchased will be used in any type of non-Bahamian/Caribbean operated business
- You will require any initial or ongoing special maintenance services or obligations on the property purchased
- A major reason for your purchase of real estate is for land development or resort development.
- A major reason for your purchase is for fishing, boating, marine development, or other special purpose.
- A major reason for your purchase of real estate is for investment purposes.

If any of these criteria apply to you or your company, it is likely you will need additional services and incur significant costs above and beyond the basic commission fees and costs traditionally associated with a purchase of real estate. Registering with us as a C.I.P. client will allow utilization of our special C.I.P. services and specialists, your transactions will be handled by a special division of our company designed to assist you in reducing any potential extra costs in achieving your ultimate objective. Based on the particular services incurred there may be some reasonable costs involved, however C.I.P. consultations are free to our C.I.P. registered clients and you will have the option to engage cost related services at your discretion.

Click here if you think you qualify for our Caribbean Investment Program and would like to register as a C.I.P. client

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