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Welcome to our online office. We are dedicated to providing the best legal services in our areas of expertise. Hannaian Law Associates can provide clients with experienced legal services through our in-house and affiliated attorneys.

Hannaian Law Associates was founded by attorney Harlington L. Hanna Jr. and provides service primarily in the areas of Intellectual Property, Securities, Music & Entertainment, International Trade, Corporate, Health, & Transactional Law.

Attorney Hanna received his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Memphis, and is a member of the Bar in Tennessee and Florida. He has been a practicing attorney since 1986. He was a founding partner of Perkins, Hanna, Head & Associates in Memphis Tennessee prior to founding Hannaian Law Associates in South Florida. He has broad experience in the private practice of law with a focus in the areas of Intellectual Property, Securities, Music & Entertainment, International Trade, Corporate, Health, & Transactional Law.

In addition to his qualifications as an attorney, Dr. Hanna is also an Optometric Eye Physician and has spent many years in academia. Dr. Hanna has been a practicing eye doctor since 1977 and has examined, diagnosed and treated thousands of primary eye care patients in addition to a long and distinguished career in his specialty areas of Pediatric Eye Care and Neuro-Optometry. He has significant experience in Medico-Legal & Medical Malpractice Law and has lectured and consulted widely in these areas. He is a former professor and chief of pediatric eye care at The Southern College Of Optometry, one of the leading institutions of Optometry in the United States, and has participated in important eye and vision clinical research. After receiving his initial training and Doctorate in Optometry from the University of Houston's College of Optometry and University Eye Institute, he furthered his education, specialization, and clinical training at several other institutions. He is also the holder of a masters degree in Educational Psychology.

He has published professional articles and lectured widely in the area of his specialties and has received numerous professional and other awards.

Securities Law for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Modern Wall Street Friendly Globally Scalable (WFGS) Businesses require Capital Market Funding in order to become and stay competitive in modern global markets. The global marketplace is increasingly becoming dominated by large publicly traded companies, making it more difficult for small non-capital market funded business operations to be competitive. Nationally and globally scalable business operations require constant access to mergers, acquisitions, and value infusions utilizing Capital Market processes. Hannaian Law specializes in providing the securities law services essential for startup business operations, company maintenance, and entrepreneurial ventures,
funding & investments in the Capital Markets.

In modern global business, the Capital Markets provide the large amounts of funding and investment required by major business operations. In many cases the availability of this Capital Market funding depends on the quality and security of the Intellectual Property involved.

The Importance of Understanding Intellectual Property in Modern Global Business Transactions

Intellectual Properties, otherwise described as the legally protected rights to innovative ideas and creations have long been considered by business experts as the most important engine driving successful business enterprise in the modern global economy. Intellectual Property specifically describes the legal entities and rights involving Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Secrets, and Industrial designs. The definitions and rights involved may vary somewhat from country to country. The international ramifications of Intellectual Property protection and management is an important aspect of international business, and particularly for writers, producers, inventors, artists, software developers, and investors.

The acquisition, licensing and commercialization of intellectual property (IP) and associated products is a complicated legal and business process. It entails ensuring the chain of title in the software, the level of protection of the various intellectual property rights in the product within many jurisdictions globally, and numerous options for the licensing, sale, marketing, and commercial or other use of the intellectual property or product. When executed properly these projects are usually extremely complex and require a great deal of sophisticated analysis and work.

The IP commercialization continuum and process involves: Developing a Concept, Funding the Requisite Research, Conducting the Research, Protecting the Involved IP, Marketing for IP Licensing, Negotiating Licenses, Development of a Commercially Marketable Product, Production of the Product, Marketing & Selling the Product, Monitoring IP License Compliance & Product Sales, Systems Accounting, and Prosecuting I.P. Infringements and Breaches of Contract.

The advent of Academic Technology Transfer which allows the transfer of Intellectual Property ownership to Universities and Research Institutions and the Principal Investigators has become an important aspect of modern commercial activity in global markets, and requires expert legal representation for the participants in government funded Institutional Research. Researchers and Inventors should visit The Hannaian Research Institute for more information specifically related to their industries.

The New Paradigm of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The new paradigm of
Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) promises to be an extremely important phenomenon in future business and investment transactional activity, with potentially historic implications for Artists and Creators of productions that can be digitized..A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a Blockchain Certificate of Authenticity, Uniquity, and Origination of a Digital Asset. Blockchain Registration and Certification ensures that the Digital Asset is effectively Registered and Archived, documenting its most important and valuable attributes on a worldwide Cyber Secured Platform. The Asset can then be readily utilized in efficiently conducting important business, financial, and transactional marketplace activities on a global basis.

The value of NFTs depend on the substance and market interest of the underlying asset such as cryptocurrency, art, music, photography, film, video, and other potentially valuable productions. While NFTs are not the same as Intellectual Properties (IPs), they are somewhat similar, and may become as important an engine for modern business and corporate operations.They are already becoming extremely profitable to the Owners of some Blockchain Certified Digital Assets, generating millions of dollars in several recent high profile sales.

At this time a Non Fungible Token (NFT) is not a legally recognized Intellectual Property (IP) such as a Copyright, Patent, Trademark, or Industrial Secret. However, its power as a collectible item and commercial product derives from the fact that it may be the best way to establish the ownership of the first existence of a Digitized Production or Asset. Also, NFT Blockchain Registration is established on a global basis not limited by jurisdictional registration, lowering the costs and facilitating the administration of transactions utilizing the Instrument.

Hannaian Law represents Clients seeking to establish and market NFTs. See more on NFTs.

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