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You have reached the official Research Web Site of the Hanna-Heastie-Tynes Family which although now spread throughout the world, is primarily based in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. While the site was initially developed to follow the Hanna-Heastie-Tynes family of the Bahamas it includes significant information on the Farquharsons, Fergusons, Rolles, Williams, and other historically notable Bahamian families.  The web site attempts to document and chronicle current, historical and genealogical information on these Families. We invite you to look around and provide additional information which you may have to help update and authenticate information on the Families. You may help to update the information by inputting your information through the Registrations section of the site on the link above.

This site is maintained through the auspices of The Harvic Center of the Hannaian Research Institute in Nassau Bahamas. The Harvic Center under its Initiative for the Protection of Indigenous Intellectual Property (IPIIP) is currently conducting research on some of the important historical aspects of the region and its indigenous families. The importance of Watlings/San Salvador, Acklins, Crooked Island, & Long Cay, Long Island, and Inagua, and the history of their people is currently being researched in the IPIIP long term study entitled "The Historical Roots of The Southern Bahamas After Columbus" (HRSBAC).

The Southern Bahamian islands occupied an important historical and economic component of the early development of the Bahamas beginning with Christopher Columbus and his first landfall in the western hemisphere at San Salvador, and the subsequent discovery, development, and utilization of the Crooked Island Passage as a premier shipping lane in the  development of the Western World.

Click here for more information on the HRSBAC research study.



St. Aidens Anglican Church ...the historical Family church and center of the Family's religious and other activities in Pompey Bay Acklins. It sits between the Big Yard (Hanna's) and the Tynes Yard. The front of the church faces West toward the Hannas with the Eastern end of the church towards the Tynes. The Northern side of the church sits along Bay Road next to the beach. The formal entrance to the church yard is located on Bay Road. The Church is surrounded by a rock wall as was most important structures in the area.

Family Genealogy Publications Updates

The latest version of the Hanna-Heastie-Tynes Genealogy "Hanna Heastie Tynes, Genealogy Update 2006"  is available from Association President Peggy Knowles in the Bahamas (242) 328-3601, or from Miami and Family Historian Gwen Welters (305) 635-2398.

The Book was published by the Hannaian Publishing Co., and compiled by Dr. Harlington L. Hanna Jr., in tribute to the late Garvin Tynes for his dedication and work in establishing the first published genealogical works on the Family.

The Book contains more than 140 pages of narrative and outline genealogical information and is an abridged version specially published for 2006 reunion attendees, who were able to purchase the book at the special price of $35.

The book was partially funded by the U.S. Family Organization in Miami headed by a special committee of Aldin Hanna, Mize Hanna, and Gwen Welters which covered the expenses for the printing.

For additional information on available publications, prices and availability please click here.


Acklins, Crooked Island, Long Cay,
& Family Updates

Please visit The Hanna Heastie Tynes Group at www.afrogenes.com to submit genealogical and historical updates and to participate in the Afrogenes.com genealogical community. You will have to register on Afrogenes.com to see all of the information. Registration is quick free and easy.

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The development and maintenance of this website, its content, and the associated database is a major undertaking involving many hours of updating, research and archiving. We appreciate any contribution you may provide to these efforts. You may contribute by clicking the Donate button below:



Hanna-Heastie-Tynes Bahamas President Peggy Knowles and members of the Family Reunion Committee presenting The Hon. Perry Christie, Prime Minister of the Bahamas with a copy of the family crest on the first day of the 2004 Reunion. The Prime Minister is a member of the family, his wife and first lady of the Bahamas is Mrs. Bernadette Hanna Christie (not pictured).

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This site is the primary Genealogical and Historical  Research Internet Site for the Hanna Heastie Tynes Family originating in the Bahamas. A major portion of its services are conducted through and in conjunction with www.afrogenes.com

Please visit The Hanna Heastie Tynes Group at www.afrogenes.com to see additional research, photo galleries and archives on the family and to submit online information to the genealogical database. You will have to register on Afrogenes.com to see all of the information. Registration is quick free and easy. There are also several facebook and other Internet sites with information on the Family.

 Reunion Information
The 2014 Family Reunion will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina
For further information contact

Marilyn Gool
(704) 676-5193


Reminder To Provide & Update Your Genealogy Info

Work is continuing on our genealogy database. Please provide or update genealogical information on your line of the family. This is extremely important if you want your lineage information to be adequately and accurately documented in the database. Without this information any publications of family genealogy may not include your information.

You may update the information by inputting your information or other important information through the Registrations section of the site. Family members who provide updated information will be provided a personal genealogy report of their immediate lineage.

We have received numerous inquiries and much information on the family from places far and wide and the database is growing quickly, make sure your information is included if you want to have it listed whenever an updated book is published. Also we get many inquiries from individuals and genealogists looking to find their family or particular linkages and if you are in the database this information may be available as needed upon a proper request and approval. Information may be updated online at the link for Registrations or mailed in by post or email.

The latest version of the Hanna-Heastie-Tynes Genealogy is available from Bahamas Association President Peggy Knowles at (242) 328-3601, or from Miami and Family Historian Gwen Welters (305) 635-2398.

Also remember that personalized genealogy lineages are available by contacting Bahamas Association President Peggy Knowles at (242) 328-3601, or from Miami and Family Historian Gwen Welters (305) 635-2398.


Reprinted from The Bahama Journal (31st, January 2006)
A. D. Hanna Appointed Governor General
Former deputy prime minister, Arthur Dion Hanna Sr., “one of the earliest and most persistent advocates of the country’s independence,” has been appointed Governor General, the Cabinet Office announced yesterday.

Mr. Hanna will replace Acting Governor General, Paul Adderely, who has served in the position since December 2005, following the retirement of Dame Ivy Dumont.

The swearing-in ceremony for Mr. Hanna is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Government House.

"The personification of patriotism and integrity in public life, Mr. Hanna occupies a position of singular importance in the modern history of The Bahamas," according to a statement released on Monday.

Mr. Hanna was deputy prime minister and government leader in the House of Assembly from 1967 – 1984, and a member of parliament from 1960 – 1992.

"Mr. Hanna is, by common acclaim, the foremost founding father of the nation still alive today," according to the statement. "He was one of the earliest and most persistent advocates of independence and played a leading role in bringing national sovereignty to reality in 1973."

The statement also pointed to his role in the struggle for political empowerment and social justice that culminated in the attainment of Majority Rule in 1967, "a struggle in which Mr. Hanna played a leading and courageous part."

"Mr. Hanna also enjoys a position of unique historical importance because of his close association with the instrument of state policy that came to be known in the late 1960s as Bahamianization," said the statement.

"Indeed, more than any other personality alive or dead, it was Mr. Hanna who was the principal architect and prime mover of this policy that played such a critical part in ensuring the systematic elevation of Bahamians to positions of leadership in all spheres of the national economy and in the public service."

Mr. Hanna, according to the statement, is also known as one of the "pre-eminent figures in the shaping of the modern Bahamas for the passionate concern for the poor and underprivileged that always informed his political and social philosophy – a philosophy poignantly encapsulated in that most famous of all his sayings: ‘To wipe every tear from every eye’."

A native of Pompey Bay, Acklins, Mr. Hanna was born March 7, 1928 to Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Albert Hanna. He attended the Government High School and following graduation pursued legal studies in England, earning a LLB from the University of Bristol. He was called to the English Bar by the Inner Temple and in 1955 was admitted to the Bahamas bar as counsel and attorney.

Mr. Hanna was first elected to the House of Assembly in 1960 in a bye-election and won re-election seven times in the general elections of 1962, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1977, 1982 and 1987.

In 1987, he was the only candidate returned to the House of Assembly unopposed. Until he lost his seat in the 1992 general election, Mr. Hanna had served in parliament continuously for 32 years.

In 1967, following the attainment of Majority Rule, Mr. Hanna was appointed deputy prime minister, a position he held without interruption until his resignation from the cabinet in 1984. During his tenure as a member of the cabinet, Mr. Hanna successively held ministerial portfolios, most notably as Minister of Education, Minister of Trade and Industry, Minister of Home Affairs (with responsibility for immigration), and Minister of Finance (with added responsibility for the public service).

Mr. Hanna is married to the former Beryl Church, who, in her own right is widely admired for her "unswerving and courageous commitment to the struggle for political and social justice, especially in the years preceding the attainment of Majority Rule," according to the statement.

They have four surviving children, Arthur Dion Jr., Mark Lindsay, Glenys Hanna-Martin and Dawn Victoria. They were pre-deceased by another son, Sean David.
Click here to see more pictures of the Swearing In Ceremony

Pompey Bay Waterfront ...looking east from Bay Road near the Church towards the Tynes Yard. Delectable Bay can be seen in the distance.

Pompey Bay Waterfront ...looking west from near the Church towards the Hanna's. Bay Road and the Pompey Bay Dock is pictured, and Sissy Point can be seen in the distance.

Our Mission

The Official Family organizations would like to document for historical and genealogical purposes all information relating to the Hanna Heastie Tynes and related families who primarily observe their genealogical home as the Pompey Bay area in Acklins Island, Bahamas. In addition current news, information and reunion activity may be documented and reported on this site.

Family Organization Profiles

This site is maintained through the auspices of The Harvic Center of the Hannaian Research Institute in Nassau Bahamas, in cooperation with the Hanna Heastie Tynes Family Organizations. Information on other Family and Related organizations can be obtained through the News & Notices section of the WebSite.

Hanna-Heastie-Tynes, Bahamas

Peggy E. Knowles
Danny Tynes
Immediate Past President
Rose Tynes Johnson
Lynnishka Hanna Wilson
Asst. Secretary
Kevin Hanna
Rhinehart Pearson
Asst. Chaplin
Project Manager

Advisory Committee: Barbara Pierre, Iris Tynes, Alberta Bartlett, Sharon Wilson, Steven Hanna, Rosemary Hanna, Dr. Andre Hanna, Barbara Hanna-Cox, Kendrick Williams, Bryan Knowles, Kendrick Hanna, Mickey Williams.


Hanna-Heastie-Tynes, USA

Aldin R. Hanna, Sr.
Ingrid Tynes-Stuart
Mizie E. Hanna
Angelita Browne
Assistant Secretary
Gwendolyn Heastie Welters
Cheryl Collier
Dr. Harlington L. Hanna Jr.
Research/Legal Consultant

Family Organization Contact Information

Bahamas Organization
Peggy E. Knowles
Tel (242) 328-3601

U.S.A Organization
Aldin R. Hanna, Sr.
Tel (305) 635-8278
Fax (305) 635-2398
3134 N.W. 49 St., Miami, Florida 33142

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The Harvic Center
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Hannaian Research Institute
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